Classroom project requested by Mrs. Houston

This classroom project has been requested by Mrs. Houston, a former Wallingford resident now a school teacher in a High Poverty school district in Baltimore, MD – Dallas Nicholas Elementary School.

Follow this link to read more about this project.

From Mrs. Houston:

My students are the most incredible 6 and 7 year old children you could ever imagine from Baltimore City. They are in first grade and love everything about school. As their teacher, I want to give them everything. However, as a first year teacher, in a Title I elementary school in a low income community, I do not have all of the resources to make that possible. I know that my students are going to need more than my help when it comes to having the right supplies for a fulfilling learning experience. First grade students are eager to learn, high energy, creative, and inspiring little children. They want to color pictures, write sentences, read real books, and practice math at their desks with actual supplies. Make believe and pretend are for dramatic play, not addition and subtraction. My students need a document camera, a mobile storage cart, and a Nonfiction Leveled Books Classroom Library to satisfy the core curriculum standards for first grade, and to enrich their minds with factual information. With your help, I can bring a whole new world of education and learning to my students.

So here is the bottom line folks – as I write this there are 6 days left and $930.00 to go. If they don’t reach the total the project is closed as unfulfilled.

Also they will match any donation when at checkout you type in BLOOM in the matching gift box so with that in mind we only need to come up with half that amount.

I am blogging this and it’s going over on and on my Facebook account.

We can get this over the line. Let’s make it happen.

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