Litchfield, CT Farm Market At Risk of Being Shut Down

Note from me – this has nothing to do with Wallingford but you all know my thing; support local business as much as possible and when economically feasible for your family.

You may also know I am a passive fan of Wallingford’s Farmers Market as well.

On top of that – I hate when elected officials forget that they are there to SERVE THE PUBLIC THAT ELECTED THEM – not their own wishes and desires.


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From a Facebook friend:

As a concerned resident of Litchfield, CT, I am writing to invite you to attend our local Borough Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, October 11, at 5:30 pm (address at the bottom of this letter), in an effort to help bring light to a pressing matter imminently effecting our local Litchfield Farm Fresh Market.

Public comment will open this meeting and I hope that you can help broadcast the voices of the residents of our community.

The market is a joyful weekly destination for many locals, as well as residents of neighboring communities. Providing a meeting place for families, an opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture and support local farmers, hear local musicians, and taste new recipes from local chefs made with CT grown ingredients, the market has helped foster a growing sense of community across residents of all ages.

Established in 2007 and held on Saturdays from June – October in the parking lot behind the elementary school in the center of town, the market has quickly become an undeniably positive fixture of our community.

In recent months, the elected officials who oversee the historic Borough of Litchfield, including the parking lot where the market is held, are trying their best to shut down the market.

The Borough officials are demanding that the market be reduced from 20 vendors to 8 vendors in order to alleviate what they perceive as parking and traffic issues resulting from the current market.

Local residents do not seem to have any concerns with the current traffic or parking patterns that occur for the 3 hours each Saturday during the Market.

Why are these public servants NOT serving the community they were elected to represent? Why are they trying to eliminate what most residents feel is one of the most positive additions to our community in recent years?

The issue has come to a head and the Borough officials have demanded that the market cease and desist in it’s current location on October 15th, although the market is scheduled to end just one week later on October 22nd. Also, unless the market reduces it’s number of vendors to 8, the market will NOT be allowed to return to its current location next summer.

The market is functioning under a proper permit from Litchfield Planning & Zoning for this current location and current number of vendors. The Town of Litchfield has approved the market and supports it, however this small group of Borough officials seems to have the authority to make the ultimate decision with little care for the will and desires of the community they are serving.

Please attend this meeting, share this information with others and help bring light to this matter.

More information can be found in these recent press items regarding this dispute:

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks in advance,

Kyra Hartnett

Town of Litchfield, CT Borough Meeting

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


28 Russell Street (behind the flower shop)

Litchfield, CT 06759

* Public comment will begin the meeting

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